E. du Perron
Bibliothecaris van het India Office

Batavia, 8 juli 1938

Batavia, 8 -VII - '38

To the Librarian of the India Office.


Dear Sir,

Could you oblige me with the following? It appears that in the European Manuscript Room of the India Office Library (Minor Collections, vol. 2, 2d part, page 713 etc., folio 13.), there is a description of the performance of a play, Kraspoekol, by Dirk van Hogendorp, at The Hague theatre, about 1800.

It relates the scandal caused by this play, and about ‘great noise’, made by the public to prevent the performance.

In connection with a book I am writing, it would be very useful to me to have this fragment copied out. Could you have this done, and will you please let me know if there are any expenses to be paid?

Thanking you very much in advance,

Yours truly,

E du Perron

E. du Perron

Molenvliet West 9a


Netherlands East Indies


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