Evelyn Blackett
E. du Perron

Oxford, 12 oktober 1929

21 Warnborough Road Oxford

Saturday, October 12th 1929

Dear Mr du Perron,

Your last letter was forwarded to Oxford this morning. I'm sorry, first, that you were mystified about my sister's photograph - & about mine too. Yes, of course I shall be pleased to send more snaps of myself - only I wish you wouldn't inflict posing on me. However. I'll be a martyr & get somebody to take some which you shall have as soon as they're ready. - Yes, do send some of you. I haven't the faintest notion of what you're like. -

- Come to England - or don't go away too early from Belgium - for it would be jolly seeing you. - You would like Oxford, I think. But Durham ... Did you like the sketches? I discovered them one wet afternoon after I had been lunching with the Principal & was about to tea with one of the Dons - but had managed to slink away for a short walk around my old haunts. -

Funny you liking that wretched ‘Wishes’ that I very nearly did not send. It's the sort of thing that makes me feel decidedly embarrassed when anyone remarks on it. -

Yes, write to Oxford. I am, of course, not in College. (the corporate life is very nice at eighteen but when one is nearly twenty-three one likes to follow one's bents to the bitter end.) - but a four or five minutes' walk away. - I am reading ‘in Bodley’ & at the ‘Taylor’. A little before November 19th I must go up to Durham: if I'm lucky I shall be ‘Fellow of the University of Durham’ after my visit. -

I haven't had much time to myself yet - but soon I'll put my foot down & have lots. - for there are crowds of things I want to do - & must do them alone. - I'll get some things of Oxford - so that soon you will know?? fond my England - Here are some of ‘Abbotsford’ in Scotland of the home of Sir Walter Scott, one of the best known of the historical novelists of the 19th century. The scenery is typically Scotch, with its mountains & pines and peace. -

What do you think of Yeats? - the poet? I personally am very fond of him - & you ought to be too, I think. -

I'm writing this just after breakfast - as I shall be spending the day being received formally into the University of Oxford. It's a nuisance. -

Goodbye for the moment. Come to Oxford if you can, as I should be so pleased to show you round. -

Believe me,

Yours very sincerely,

Eveline Blackett

Origineel: Den Haag, Letterkundig Museum

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